Six New Videos Available on

Six New Videos are now available on including Nina Kilbride (Monax / Agreements Network), Peter Hunn (Accord Project / Clause), Wulf Kaal (St Thomas Law / Semada) Jess Cheng (IMF), Amy Hartman (SEC), Justin Steffen (Jenner & Block), Amy Kim (Chamber of Digital Commerce), Colleen Sullivan (CMT Digital)

The Block (Legal) Tech Conference – August 9, 2018 — @Illinois Tech – Chicago Kent College of Law

Save the DATE ! August 9, 2018 – we will be hosting the BLOCK (Legal) Tech Conference @ Illinois Tech – Chicago Kent College of Law.

Tickets are FREE but registration is required —  –

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Senate Cryptocurrency Hearing Strikes a Cautiously Optimistic Tone (via TechCrunch)

Meanwhile Goldman suggests it all might be going to zero or better stated “most cryptocurrencies will ultimately fall to zero as current iterations are ‘too primitive’ to be viable in the long term.”   There is merit to the Goldman view – I would say the question to focus upon is what is actually going to persist here -for us the key is probably helping incumbents learn how to incorporate crypto tech into their respective business models.