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In the months to come, I will be featuring some of my students who are participating in my law, technology and/or entrepreneurship courses here at MSU Law (access the course list here) — Many of my students are doing interesting and exciting things and so I thought I would take some time to highlight them! For more information about these students or my courses – please feel free to contact me [email protected]

Andy Ninh is a 3L at Michigan State University College of Law. “He’s a geek, future attorney & entrepreneur, Google Glass explorer, nutrition and exercise junkie, martial artist, and tech enthusiast.”

Check Out His Personal Website Here (See Below).

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Who's Eating Big Law's Lunch – ABA Journal Cover Story October 2013

Very happy to see 2013 MSU Law Grad – Joe Kelly included as part of the story.  Also, good to see a number of friends (Ray, Lois, Kevin, Joanna, Oliver, etc.) featured in the article. Entrepreneurship is about doing the obvious before it is obvious to others.  Everybody in the story is doing just this!

ReInvent Law London 2013 – Vote Now on Talk Proposals! 25 Proposals Covering the Spectrum of Entrepreneurship, Technology, Analytics, Innovation & Regulation in the Legal Services Industry


Announcing the ReInvent Law Channel — Free Talks By Leading Thinkers at the Intersection of Law, Technology, Innovation & Entrepreneurship

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RoundUp of Coverage of ReInvent Law Silicon Valley 2013 – More Events Coming in 2013 and Beyond – Including ReInvent Law London + ReInvent Law New York

This is Hardly a Complete List but These Provide a Good Overview ….
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‘Law is Broken.’ Will These Legal Tech Gurus Bring About Change? (ABA Journal – Law Scribbler/Rachel M. Zahorsky)

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Archived Tweets and Other Resources from #ReInventLaw Silicon Valley 2013 (Legal Informatics Blog – RC Richards)

Couple More Things …
Here is the Conference Website
Here is the Official Schedule of Presentations from March 8, 2013

And Finally More Events Coming in 2013 …
ReInventLaw London  – June 14, 2013
ReInvent Law New York – Fall 2013

Innovation in Legal – "The Future is Already Here, It is Just Not Evenly Distributed" (Slides by Professor Daniel Martin Katz – ReInventLaw Laboratory / MSU Law )

ReInvent Law – Legal Services Start Up Competition – 15 Student Teams Pitching Their Entrepreneurial Idea to ReInvent the Legal Services Industry!

Monday, Feb. 25 from 4:00 – 6:00PM – is our inaugural ReInvent Law Start Up Competition.  This event is generously supported by resources from MSU Credit Union, the Ewing M. Kauffman Foundation and the MSU College of Law.

15 MSU Law Student Teams – most of whom have been perfecting their idea under the direction of the ReInvent Law Laboratory and our Entrepreneurial Lawyering Course – will pitch their business idea and business plan in the Castle Board Room @ Michigan State University College of Law.

Your Hosts: Professor Daniel Martin Katz & Professor Renee Newman Knake
Your Judges: Joan Howarth, Joshua Kubicki, Shelley Davis Mielock, Michael J. Bommarito II, Jeremy Mulder & Mike Morin

This is one of the first events of its kind hosted by a law school.  An entrepreneurial culture is what we are building here at ReInvent Law Laboratory under our four pillars of legal innovation –> {Law+Tech+Design+Delivery} !

How To Run A Law Firm Like A Startup (via Business Insider)

Here is a brand new article on Kyle Westaway who spoke this past Saturday at the Entrepreneurial Lawyering Workshop here in East Lansing.  This workshop is an intensive day of pitches and feedback (ala Startup Weekend) and is an important part of the Entrepreneurial Lawyering course that I co-teach with my colleague Renee Knake.  Whether it is the “Start Up of You” or some sort of legal process / legal tech idea … this course is about the business of law and how to succeed in this very tough market for legal services …